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Stocking Stuffers  

Treats around $15

For the Mixologist 

Goodies Under $10 

Gifts $25 and Up 

For the Foodie

For the Eco Conscious 

Special Collections & Unique Ideas

For the Hostess

For the Traveler

De-Stress and Relax

For the Spa Lover 

For the Active Person 

For the Learner

Give Back & Support Others

 Shopping Guide

Stocking Stuffers...

1. Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bar - Variety of Flavors

2. Felted Ornaments

3. Essential Oil Car Diffuser

4. Woodfire Jelly Jar Crackle Candle

5. Rosy Rings Travel Candle

6. Goats Milk Sugar Cube Scrubs

7. La Chatelaine Mini Hand Creams - Variety of Scents

8. Mineral & Matter Stacking Rings - Gold & Silver

9. Bath Bombs or Bath Cubes

10. ESB Shower Steamers

11. Rock Bottom Goats Milk Soaps - Variety of Scents

12. Boxed or Bottled Matches - Variety of Colors

13. Gemstone Rollerball Bottles - Variety of Gems

14. Bee's Wraps or Vegan Food Wrap - Variety of Sizes

15. Savannah Bee Mini Honey

16. Reusable Straws

Treats Around $15...

17. Colorful Key Chains by Rifle Co.

18. Notebook (Rifle or Cognitive Surplus)

19. Pint Glasses - Science of...

20. Flower Sack Towels

21. Scented Wax Sachets

22. Gloves and Hats - Variety of Colors and Sizes

23. Teas - Tea Drop and Tea Co.

24. ESB Sugar Scrub

25. Car Essential Oil Diffuser

26. Itty Bitty Bath Bombs

27. Happy Wax Outlet Warmer

For the Mixologist...

28.Ritual Zero Proof Alcohol-free Mixers

29. Floral Elixir Kits - Make your own cocktails

30.Copper Bar Tools

31. Wild Crafted Cocktail Book

32. Aged & Infused Kits

33. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

35. Whiskey Stones

36."Science of..." Whiskey, Pint, and Wine Glasses  

Goodies Under $10... 

37. Soaps and Soap Dishes

38. Lip Scrubs

39. Bath Fizzes

40. Nail Polish - 10 Toxin Free

41. Lotion Sticks

42. Rosy Rings Travel Candles

43. Sugar Cube Scrubs (goats milk)

44. Pink Quartz Worry Stones

Gifts $25 and Up...

45. Jewelry - Huge Selection

46. Himalayan Candles - Large Variety of Scents

47. Woodfire Crackling Candles

48. Paint-by-Number Kits

49. Joy Susan Handbags - Vegan Leather

50. Essential Oil Diffuser with an oil

51. Novelty Hooked Pillows - Wonderful Selection

52. Himalayan Salt Lamps

53. Happy Wax Warmer & Melts

54. Skeem Perfume

55. Roots & Bloom Skincare

56. Astral Candle & Necklace      

For the Foodie...

57. Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bars - Variety of Flavors

58. Spice Mixes

59. Jamnation Jams

60. Sacred Sipping Chocolates

61. The Herbalist Kitchen Cookbook

62. Flavored Date Spread

63. Flavored Pure Maple Syrup

64. Savannah Bee Whipped Honey 

For the Eco-Conscious... 

65. Reusable Food Storage Bags DYP (Do your Part)

66. DYP Silicone Bowl Lids - Set of 6

67. Bee's Wraps Food Wraps

68. Vegan Food Wraps

69. Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

70. Canvas Holiday-Themed Bags 

Special Collections & Unique Ideas...

71. Lavender Neck Wrap, Footies, Candle & Bath Fizzes

72. Astral Candle with 14K Necklace

73. Flour Sack Towel w/ Spice Mix or Finchberry Soaps

74. Rose Bath Salts, Rose Hydrosol, Rose Soap & Lotion

75. "Chemistry of Whiskey" Tumblers & Soapstone Cubes

76. Joy Susan "vegan leather" purse with Scarf and Gloves

77. Cognitive Surplus Science Notebook w/ pint glass of mug

78. Aromatherapy Bracelet or Necklace w/ an essential oil

79. "Roots & Bloom" - beauty treatment set from Bali, Ireland, or Paris...escape to another country!

For the Hostess...

80. Tea Drops - Dissolvable Teas

81. Linen Holiday Guest Towels

82. Happy Wax Outlet Warmer & Melts

83. Holiday Cotton Napkins - Variety of Designs

84. Brownie Mix & Floursack Towel Set

85. Joy Susan Wristlet - Vegan Leather

86. Ornament

87. Shower Steamers or Sugar Cube Scrubs 

For the Traveler...

88. Battery Operated Travel Diffuser

89. Hemlock Goods Bandana

90. Journal/Notebook (Rifle or Cognitive Surplus)

91. Allergy Blend Inhaler Kit

92. Mini-hand Lotion

93. Hand Sanitizer - Made by ESB

94. Lotion Sticks 

De-Stress and Relax...

95. Deep Stress Wish Garden Tincture

96. Therapy Dough

97. Aromatherapy Jewelry & Essential Oils

98. Packet of Pocket Nasal Inhalers w/ Lavender or Orange Essential Oils

99. Shower Steamers or Bath Fizzes

100. Magic Fairy Body Candle

101. Pink Picasso Paint Kit

102. Lavender Neck Wrap, Spa Mask, Footies, or Mittens

103. Flower Essences - Quiet Mind, Calm & Collected, Crisis Intervention, Pure Joy

104. Hydrosols - Lavender, Frankincense, Rose, Neroli - Spray on Skin & Inhale 

For the Spa Lover...

105. Magic Fairy Lotion/ Massage Candles

106. Lavender Shoulder Wrap, Spa Mask, Mittens & Footies

107.Lavender Bubble Bath and Goat Milk Soaps

108. URB Apothecary Mask & Bath Soak

109. Caryl B Lotions, Creams, Soaps, Cleaners

110. Bath Bombs or Cubes

111. Rose Bath Salts

112. La Chatelaine Hand Creams Tins or Lotions

113. Facial Rollers - Jade or Pink Quartz  

For the Active Person...

114. ESB Warming Muscle Salve

115. Rinse CBB Muscle Rub Stick

116. Wish Garden Muscle Skeletal Tincture

117. Essential Oil Car Diffuser

118. Natural Deodorant

119. Rinse Skin Stick

120. Peppofoot Foot Stick

121. Skeem CBD Lotion, Oil, or Stick 

For the Learner...

122. Books from our Bookcase - Great Selection

123. Science Notebooks

124. "Science of..." Glasses

125. Ceramic Tree Mugs 

Give Back & Support Others...

126. Ruthie& Olive Jewelry - Donates meals to single moms

127. Winding Road Felted Wool Ornaments from Nepal - Proceeds pay tuition for the children of employees 

Can't decide? An ESB Gift Certificate is ALWAYS a great gift! Available in any denomination. 

If you would like more Information, please Call or

Stop Into the boutique 303-278-1260